Is This a Hill Worth Dying On?

By Matt Schmucker | 9Marks Journal: Young Pastors | 02.26.2010

How do you know which issues are essential and which are not? Which hill are you willing to die on?

How to Get Businesspeople into Missions

By Anonymous | 9Marks Journal: Missions | 02.26.2010

It’s the members with real business skills who may provide the best access for Christians to obtain access to closed or restricted countries.

How Do Pastors Raise Up Pastors?

By Mark Dever | 9Marks Journal: Raising Up the Next Generation of Pastors | 02.26.2010

Future pastors aren’t built in a day.

How American Christians Can Help Christians in Zambia

By Conrad Mbewe | 9Marks Journal: Missions | 02.26.2010

In Zambia, the only free television channel that we have twenty-four hours a day is Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Historical Critique of Multi-Site: Not Over My Dead Body

By Bobby Jamieson | 9Marks Journal: Multi-site Churches | 02.26.2010

What could centuries-old arguments have to do with cutting-edge conversations like the one we’re trying to have about multi-site churches?

Have We Ever Seen This Before? Multi-Site Precedents

By John Hammett | 9Marks Journal: Multi-site Churches | 02.26.2010

Much in the multi-site movement assumes and depends upon modern communication, ease of travel, and technology.

Guidelines for Deciding Whom a Church Supports

By Andy Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Missions | 02.26.2010

We cannot give adequate attention to the whole world and to everyone who might choose to move overseas.

Exegetical Critique of Multi-Site: Disassembling the Church?

By Grant Gaines | 9Marks Journal: Multi-site Churches | 02.26.2010

Church structure may be secondary, but it remains important and a matter addressed in the Scriptures, which therefore requires Christian obedience.

Developing Missions Networks Without a Denomination

By Jeremy Pace | 9Marks Journal: Missions | 02.26.2010

The institutionalized structure of denominations at least lessens the biblical responsibility of a local church to equip ministers of reconciliation with the message of reconciliation.

9Marks Marriage Book Comparison Chart

By Forum | 9Marks Journal: Marriage & Pastor's Wives | 02.26.2010

What are the best Christian books on marriage?

30 Practical Ways For Pastors to Love Their Wives & Families

By Forum | 9Marks Journal: Marriage & Pastor's Wives | 02.26.2010

Here are several practical ideas to help motivate you to love and serve your wife and children more effectively

Five Steps for Racial Reconciliation on Sunday at 11 a.m.*

By D. A. Carson | 9Marks Journal: Race and Ethnicity | 02.26.2010

It has been argued that in America the most segregated hour of the week is 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.

Pastoring a Multi-Ethnic Church

By John Folmar | 9Marks Journal: Race and Ethnicity | 02.26.2010

We are, for all our diversity, sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, in need of the one remedy that only Jesus could secure: redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Many Ethnicities, One Race

By Thabiti Anyabwile | 9Marks Journal: Race and Ethnicity | 02.26.2010

Does the gospel of Jesus Christ have anything to say regarding how we’re to understand race?

Nine Lessons I Learned From Yellow (And One More)

By Sam Lam | 9Marks Journal: Race and Ethnicity | 02.26.2010

With the hope of heaven, we can be freshly motivated to address issues of race here on earth.