Theological Pop-a-Lock

By Greg Gilbert | 06.11.2014

Mark Dever and I are considering, someday, writing a book together about preaching.  In one of the sections of this imagined book, there would be a transcript of one or two of Mark’s sermons punctuated by comments from him reflecting on the sermon.  Why did you say that, Mark?  What were you thinking when you […]

Overcoming the Monday Morning “Preaching Hangover”

By Brian Croft | 06.10.2014

How do you overcome the Monday morning “preaching hangover”? You may call it something different, but every pastor knows about it.  It is the mental, emotional, and spiritual crash that takes place the next day (Monday) as a result of pouring your heart and soul out in the proclamation of God’s Word to God’s people the day before.  Personally, it has […]

Nine Marks of a Prosperity Gospel Church

By D. A. Horton | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.15.2014

A prosperity gospel church is a purely anti-nine marks church.

A Softer Prosperity Gospel: More Common Than You Think

By David Schrock | 9Marks Journal: Prosperity Gospel | 01.14.2014

Five trademarks of a subtler strain of prosperity teaching.

Evangelism without an Altar Call

By Aaron Menikoff | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism - Part 2 | 10.25.2013

Wait, you can do evangelism without an altar call? Read on.

Reaching the “Converted”

By Bob Johnson | 9Marks Journal: Evangelism - Part 2 | 10.25.2013

Some of pastors’ most obvious evangelistic opportunities are with members of our churches. But how can we reach them?

5 Steps for Finding the Point of Any Passage in Scripture

By Robert Kinney | 08.27.2013

There is no magic formula. There is, however, a handful of things you can find in your text, no matter where you are in the Bible, that will help you find its point.

Preaching to Women Who Work in the Home

By Bari Nichols | 9Marks Journal: Pastoring Christians for the Workplace | 03.08.2013

To care well for the women in your church who work in the home, remember their curse, their context, and their culture.

Discipling: More than a Podcast Preacher

By Jonathan Dodson | 9Marks Journal: Discipling in the Church | 08.27.2012

Podcast sermons can never replace in-person spiritual fathers. Here’s how to recover a relationally mediated gospel.

His Arm Is Strong to Save: A Trajectory of Conversion in America

By Owen Strachan | 9Marks Journal: The Underestimated Doctrine of Conversion | 02.29.2012

How have Christians in different periods understood conversion and, more specifically, the means of conversion?

How Sunday School Can Help Your Preaching

By Jamie Dunlop | 9Marks Journal: Don't Be Too Cool for Sunday School | 12.19.2011

Sunday School makes you a better systematic theologian, which in turn makes you a better applier of God’s Word.

What Makes a Church Reform Possible?

By John Folmar | 9Marks Journal: Revitalize: Why We Must Reclaim Dying Churches—and How | 10.27.2011

When a church is transformed, the gospel surges forward as the community is confronted with a genuine corporate witness for Christ.

A Roadmap for Church Reform

By Greg Gilbert | 9Marks Journal: Revitalize: Why We Must Reclaim Dying Churches—and How | 10.27.2011

Here’s a short roadmap on the road to church reform that might help you keep your bearings as you move forward.

Tips for an Interim Pastor

By Jonathan Leeman | 9Marks Journal: Pastoral Moves | 12.20.2010

Above all else, interim pastors should do these two things: preach the Word and love the people.

How can a pastor make wise use of commentaries and other helps in sermon preparation?


A pastor can make wise use of commentaries and other scholarly helps in sermon preparation by using such tools as conversation partners, not as masters.

How? By spending your earliest and best time with the text itself. Meditate on the text. Pray through the text. Exegete the text thoroughly. Outline the text. Ask questions of the text and answer them all yourself before you consult any commentaries.